Getting started with Arduino

8th April, 2018 | 10 A.M - 1 P.M

Venue : Opencube Labs, Bangalore-24

Price : ₹399 onwards


Opencube Labs,


Opencube labs is a research and development organisation that strives to reach young minds of our country through forums that can bring interaction with pioneers. Workshops are held to promote research and learning by providing hands-on experience on training kits. The experience gained from Opencube Labs programs can be a seed of motivation for science and research in future.

This learn-up is designed to spread awareness about open hardware and get you started hands-on with Arduino board and programming.

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Topics covered

  • What is an Arduino?
  • Setting up the development environment
  • The "Hello, world!" of electronics
  • Getting started with Arduino programming
  • Understanding the sensors, modules and other components
  • The serial library

Why attend this learn-up?

  • Get exposed to the world of open hardware
  • Start building your own hardware projects


Suraj Jana

Founder, Opencube Labs

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The kit includes Arduino Uno board, connection cable, sensors and jumper wires.

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